Vocational Training, Nursery and DayCare
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In the entrepreneurship courses we provide the girls with skills of starting their own business in their hometown like a tailoring shop or a small restaurant.
We teach them in market analysis, planning, financing and marketing.
The students have to submit a business plan on how to start their own business after graduating from Faraja.


If the girls plan to run their own business after graduating from Faraja Mathematics is a very important subject. They have to calculate their costs and margins. The tailors have to be able to calculate the amount of fabric they need for sewing different items and if they are working in a restaurant as a waitress they have to be quick in calculating change.


Especially for the cooking students it is important to improve their English as after graduating from Faraja they could work in restaurants or hotels.

Health and family education:

We put a big focus in educating our girls in health issues, especially on HIV/Aids as this is a big problem in Tanzania. Also we teach them in healthy nutrition which in Tanzania also often is a problem as many adults and children suffer from malnutrition. The girls are also taught how to care for babies and infants.

Further courses for income generation:

We also offer additional skill building courses to the girls which allow them to generate additional income after graduating from Faraja.
Such as laundry, housekeeping and gardening.