Vocational Training, Nursery and DayCare
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We are very happy if you support us by volunteering at Faraja Center. Following you can find a list of our volunteering positions. Please note that you can always combine different roles with each other and that knowing Swahili is not mandatory for working with us.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our team.

Marketing and Fundraising Placements

  • Update brochures and marketing material
  • Develop and design new marketing material
  • Improve online marketing: Homepage (www.thefarajacenter.org) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/fayowodo) especially regarding search engine optimization
  • Run fundraising campaigns (e.g. crowd funding) for new projects such as financing a new building
  • Research and contact potential donors such as large companies
  • Research volunteering platforms and post Faraja volunteer vacancies
  • Research and contact handcraft shops for product placement of our handcraft items
  • Research and contact Safari companies for our offer for lunchstops
  • Research and contact potential customers for holding seminars at Faraja
  • Research and contact potential customers for housekeeping offer

English Teacher

According to our experience, the English skills of the girls vary a lot. Therefore we try to split the classes and group the girls according to their English level.

If you teach basic English to the girls, it is very helpful (but not a must) to speak some words of Swahili to be able to explain in a better way.

We have a set of Swahili-English lessons prepared at the center. You can use this teaching material for your lessons.

  • Teach young mothers and girls in English
  • Improve English vocabulary of the girls
  • Practice simple tense throughout the following times: Past tense, Present Perfect, Present Tense and Future Tense
  • Practice continuous tense throughout the above mentioned times
  • Practice negative sentences throughout the above mentioned times.
  • Give tests on a regular basis to the girls and young mothers to check their learning progress.

Tailoring and Handcraft Teacher

  • Assist the tailoring and handcraft teachers in teaching, mentoring and instructing the girls
  • Teach specific handcraft and tailoring skills like knitting, embroidery, etc.
  • Teach and assist the girls in making new handcraft items
  • Bring ideas for new handcraft items that the girls could also make and sell after graduating from Faraja as an income generating activity.

Cooking Teacher

  • Assist the cookery teacher in teaching, mentoring and instructing the girls
  • Teach cooking and baking of international dishes
  • Assist the girls in improving their cookery skills in order to prepare them for working in recognized hotels and restaurants.

Pre-School Teacher Assistant

Our Pre-School has more than 35 pupils between the age of 4 and 6. We have two teachers who you will be supporting.

  • Teach and assist the children in writing and calculating.
  • For working in the Pre-School some basic Swahili Vocabulary is very helpful. Please find the most important words in the Appendix of our volunteer information document: Volunteer Information.pdf

Children’s Daycare Worker

We have more than 30 children to look after in our Day Care center.

You will assist the Daycare nurses in looking after the children with the following tasks:
  • Look after the babies
  • Play and sing with the small ones
  • Change pampers
  • Feed babies and small children

Please contact Mama Siara for current volunteering vacancies.

Further information on volunteering at Faraja

This document shall provide you with the key information to plan your potential stay with us and to make most of your time at Faraja Young Women Development Organization. It entails the most important information about things to prepare, our team, your arrival, living possibilities, working possibilities, sightseeing opportunities, key words to communicate, and your potential support after you have
left us: Volunteer Information.pdf

Please see here for further information about our volunteer accommodations.

Faraja Center will also provide close assistance to volunteers who would like to visit our National Parks or climb Kilimanjaro.

If you would like to know what former volunteers said about their volunteer experience at the Faraja Center click on volunteer stories