Vocational Training, Nursery and DayCare
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Regardless their specification (tailoring or cooking) the women soon will be thought basic gardening skills in the center. This project will probably start in June 2015.

By training them in this field, the Center intends to help the women to provide healthy nutrition for their family and themselves. Since agriculture and farming is the backbone of Tanzanian economy the knowledge in building an organic vegetable garden could also be used to develop a second business mainstay for the women.

Therefore we will teach the women how to seed, plant, cultivate and harvest vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, beans, mchicha etc. and also educate them in when to seed, plant and harvest what kind of vegetables (seasons), how to make their own compost or what to bear in mind regarding crop rotation.

We are currently looking for experts and volunteers that would like to support us in starting this very important program.