Vocational Training, Nursery and DayCare
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Faraja Center has the mission of empowering young single mothers and vulnerable girls at risk in rural and urban areas.
Thus we are undertaking the task of promoting human transformation by improving knowledge through education, health, livelihood and sustainable development.


We envision a society full of protected and empowered young women, taking their own initiatives towards self-fulfillment and sustainable social and economic development.


The specific objective of Faraja Young Women Development Organization is to offer shelter and vocational training to young single mothers and girls in need in order to provide them with skills that help them for their future life.
VETA_logo We offer long term courses (1 year) and short term courses (3 weeks to 3 months) at Faraja Vocational Training Centre under the VETA (Vocational Education and Training Authority) curriculum in the following fields:

      • Cookery, Food production, Nutrition
      • Hairdressing
      • Designing and garment sewing
      • Hand crafts and embroidery
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Life Skills
      • Health education and HIV and AIDS control
      • House keeping
      • Laundry