Vocational Training, Nursery and DayCare
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Our Work 

Faraja Young Women Development Organization (FAYOWODO) is a registered NGO. We offer temporary residence, education and vocational training to young single mothers and girls below the age of 18 years. These girls have suffered from early pregnancy, forced child marriage, human trafficking, poverty, abuse, and a lack of education.

Our objective is to train these young women in different vocational fields to empower them for employment and self-reliant projects.Faraja Center was started in 2006 by Martina Siara. In February 2007, it was registered as Faraja Young Women Development Unit. On January 31 2013, the center received the registration as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), under the Tanzanian Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children.

Faraja, since the year 2006, has been working with the Tanzanian government  through the Arusha City Council and the Social Welfare Office in identifying victims  of human trafficking, young single mothers and girls at risk of child marriages who need assistance.

Girls at risk

Young girls at risk are received at Faraja Center throughout the year. They find a secure place to live, healthy nutrition and receive medical assistance. Those who have experienced trauma, such as severe physical or sexual abuse we offer counseling with social workers and psychologists. We also work with lawyers in trying to achieve justice for the girls by taking their individual cases to court.

We also try to find sponsors for primary and secondary school education for the younger girls, whereas older girls participate in the Vocational Training Course at Faraja Center.

Young single mothers

Young mothers are being identified from the regions Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara by local and church leaders. They are welcome at Faraja Center, together with their children, to start their one-year Vocational Training Course. By providing them with Vocational Training and basic business skills, we help the young women to initiate self-reliant projects after graduating from Faraja Center.

While in class, their children are kept at the Faraja Day Care Center.